My name is Mary Kang and I am a photographer currently based in New York. I grew up in South Korea and moved to Austin, Texas when I was 11. It has been a confusing yet fascinating transition, trying to hold onto my motherland's culture and assimilating to American culture at the same time. “In between identity" or "floating identity" has always been stuck in my head and I have come to embrace having and not having both cultures. This experience heavily influences my approach in photography. With my interest in documentary photography and fine art, I try to mix both in my works. 

I was compelled to become a photographer because I believe photographs have the power to evoke emotions in people that help move their minds and hearts. Photography can show us how we are all connected and, in doing so, show us what it means to be human - from enjoying lighthearted joyous moments to enduring brooding and dark sadness. With this belief as my guide, I continue to work towards developing myself as a visual storyteller, and I seek to tell stories that bridge the gaps that currently separate so many of us in society. 

I can be contacted at or 512 963 0916