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Ayanna Pressley for No Man's Land Magazine
mary kang
May 18, 2020
“Like my mother, may she rest in power, she told me that there’s a difference between your job and your Work. Your job is usually what you’re doing to pay the bills. But your Work, you know, that is something much deeper, much more enduring. That is much more rewarding and that is the work of the empowerment, the upliftment, the advancement of the people. Follow the Work.” - Rep Ayanna Pressley. Read more interview of @repayannapressley by @aminatou at @the.wing ‘s No Man’s Land magazine. Set design by @devonraejones makeup by @alanawrightmakeup interview by @aminatou . Many thanks to the team, @repayannapressley , photo editor @emily_elsie and editor @yung_oprah .

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